Hotel Services and Leisure Holidays

There are many things to check when you are booking leisure hotels in aylesbury.

Extra information about hotels in aylesbury

All Inclusive Charge 

You do not want to be surprised by extra charges that were not explained to you beforehand. Make sure all hidden fees, taxes and VAT have been included in the charge or explained to you at the time of booking the hotel room. All hotels provide basic accommodation and some other facilities for free but there are many facilities that are charged extra. You should know if WiFi, parking, breakfast, in-room entertainment and newspapers are free or you have to pay for those items and facilities.


It is the most important factor when booking a hotel for a short stay. Whether you are visiting the area for business, leisure or holiday, you want to stay at a hotel that is nearest to the main places you plan to visit during your stay. It helps you avoid unnecessary expenses on local travelling and booking of taxis. You can visit your event venue or tourist locations quickly if you have booked your room in a nearby hotel.

Extra Facilities

All hotels do not have all types of facilities. If you need certain amenities, make sure those features are available at the hotel. Prepare a list of amenities you need and then look for a hotel that has all those amenities.

Clean Linens

All hotels generally provide clean bed linens after every stay but the same may not be true about the blankets and comforters. You can request the hotel to provide all clean linens including the blankets and comforters.

Late Check out

The charge of a hotel stay starts at a certain time. If you have a return flight late at night, you may have to pay extra if you leave the room even a few minutes after the end of your tenure. However, many hotels may forgo this charge if you inform them beforehand about your late check out. Most hotels let you use some facilities if you arrive early. It is important to know that you may not receive any refund if you cut your stay short.

If you are travelling solo, it is better to book a single room. Booking a room made for two or more persons means you pay extra unnecessarily. If you have a pet, you must book a hotel that is pet friendly. Other hotels do not allow pets. Check all such details to avoid confusion and surprises.